Crossmars Energy Limited is the Distributor of Three phase 33/11 KV and 11KV/0.415KV, 50 Hz oil immersed transformer from Local manufacturer and Foreign Manufacturers .The Oil Cooled Transformers are ranges from 100 KVA to 5000 KVA. Transformers are available with both off Load and on load Tap Changers to negotiate with fluctuation of Line Voltage.


» Voltage Class-33KV/11KV and 11KV/0.415 KV
» Installation-Ground Mounted
» Cooling System-Oil Immersed
» Range (11KV/0.415KV) -100 to 5000 KVA
» Range 3000-(33KV/11KV)-12500KVA
» Frequency 50 Hz-
» Winding Material: Copper
» Standard: IEC