In view of the requirement of Bangladeshi Industrial sector, real estate sector, Commercial sector, Crossmars Energy Limited has introduced Cast Resin (Dry Type) Transformers from World Renowned Brands. The Company has Resin Impregnated Dry type Transformers up to 5 MVA, 11 KV Class (In Technical collaboration with a leading World Renowned Brands).


» Voltage Class-33KV/11KV and 11KV/0.415 KV
» Installation-Ground Mounted
» Cooling System-Air Cooling
» Range (11KV/0.433KV) -100 to 5000 KVA
» Range 3000-(33KV/11KV)-12500KVA
» Frequency 50 Hz-
» Winding Material: Copper /Aluminium
» Insulation Class : F (90°C T`emp. Rise), Others on request.
» Standard: IEC

Advantage of Cast Resin Transformers:

» No Fire Hazard.
» Near Load Center or even near to load.
» Low as transformer is near to load. Also cable drop is reduced.
» Negligible smoke generation.
» Suitable for indoor use as no fire risk.
» Can be fitted outdoor in IP 45 enclosure.
» Suitable for as low as -25° C ambient temperature.
» Less Space required
» No /Less Maintenance